Monday, September 17, 2007

Oh where, oh where have the blogs all gone?

Back in the early part of this year, I started this blog. I actually published two rants before I lost the bookmark and forgot just where it was that I started this blog. I bad...and a really bad bad at that.

Enter this afternoon.

While conversing through a chat program with a friend back east, she sent me at link to her blog. I went to the blog and began seeing things that looked familiar. I looked at the upper right corner on the page of her blog and there was a sign in I clicked it and using the same user name I use on almost all my sites, I typed the first letter and a drop down box containing the full name appeared. I clicked on that name and the password box was filled in along with the user name box.

Could it be, I began to wonder.

So I hit sign in and BANG! I was at my dashboard! I had found my long lost BLOG!

So, I loaded up the two posts I had already made and noticed not one single comment 8v( Did that mean no one missed my absence? I figure it does and since no one commented, no one will know I lost this blog...until now 8v)

However, now that I have found this place again, I'll start bloggin' here instead of my other blogs. Yeah...that's other blogs. I have two other blogs. One is on (dare I say it?) Yahoo! 360 and the other on MySpace. I generally did up the blog on MySpace, copied it then pasted it to the Yahoo site. But I never got many comments on those blogs so I guess it don't matter much where I post my blog...the results will be the same.


I say maybe, because things have changed somewhat for me. I have new friends (yes, that's right...I do make friends even though I rant a lot) and they just might be interested in what I have to say. If not, no biggie...things will remain as they always have.

In any case, my rants will continue here from now on...and I'll copy/paste to the other two until such time I decide to trash them and do only one blog...which is probably the best way to go.

Oh...and if you're interested in what I blogged during my absence here, go to the following sites and read some great least I think they are great.

Yahoo! 360 (Update: I have since deleted my MySpace ignore any reference to it)

At both, you'll have to click on View Blog, or something like that. But I think you'll find some of them worth it.

So, until later when I do a real blog entry (which I was planning to do on the other site), happy reading or whatever.'s good to be back.

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Misty Dawn said...

WoooHoooo You now have a blog that I can subscribe to and read every little word you write ;-) I'm adding a link to you on my blog - hope you don't mind! Maybe you'll get more comments ;-) This is exciting!