Friday, September 28, 2007

Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

The Chicago Cubs are in the playoffs. They beat the Reds today while the Padres beat the Brewers...and that was all it took.

Dummy me, however, was under the impression the Cubs magic number was three and not two and that Saturday's televised game between the Cubs and Reds would be the party event of the baseball season for me. But it won't be. Instead, while the Cubs were winning their way to the Central Division title of the National League, I was watering horses and watching the snow fall on nearby hills. By the time I came in and went to the computer to check the score, the Cubs had won and saw that they had clinched. I then looked at the Brewers score already knowing they lost. It was still a good moment in time.

Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

Now to see them in the World Series along with the Cleveland Indians. That will be a series worth watching.

Saturday's ballgame will still be good to watch. I rarely see any of the Cubs games where I live. After all, how many people in central Oregon care what a Chicago ball team is doing? That is quit evident when the on the news around here, the sports announcer gives the final score to every game except that of the Cubs. I even met one in Texas in April and let him have it. He knows there is at least one Cubs fan in central Oregon. But they still don't give the Cubs scores.

Maybe now they will.

And to celebrate the title, tomorrow I will treat myself to some Spicy Roll Shrimp Sushi and a beer.

But the weekend games still mean something to the Cubs. They don't know who the first team they will face in the playoffs will be. That should be decided this weekend.

Oh...and the pitcher who beat the Padres: well it was Greg Maddux. Maddux started his career with the Cubs in 1985, was traded to Atlanta years later, went back to the Cubs a couple of years ago and ended up with Padres.

It's fitting then, that Maddux helped the Cubs to title.

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Misty Dawn said...

Just remember that second place is still a big accomplishment ;-) hehehehehe