Thursday, March 15, 2007

One More Time!

Okay...okay...I know what's going through your mind. You're thinking, "What's this? More than a month without an update and now there are two in a row? Hip Hip Hurray!"

It's true. It's really me two days in a row. I've been sitting here for a while now, waiting on the delivery of a new printer. My old Epson did what Epsons do best and after not using the thing for a week, clogged up on me and I wasted more than a half a tank of ink in each of the four ink tanks and STILL didn't unclog the P.O.S. I got pissed and ordered a Canon. They make good cameras...I hope their printers are as good.

Anyway, the printer was suppose to be delivered yesterday and today I was suppose to be out shooting images to add to my Flickr Photostream. But it wasn't delivered...well, that's not true. The UPS guy or gal showed...I know, I saw the truck as it was leaving. I was here, my landlord was home, her daughter was visiting and the only door in front of the house is right there where the family was. Yet the package for some reason wasn't delivered. Instead, a note was left on the door saying they tried to deliver, but no one was around to accept the package.

So now I have to push my shooting date up another day while I sit around waiting for UPS to arrive, hopefully with a 15 lbs box labeled with my name and address. Normally, the UPS guy or gal leaves packages at the door. But this package requires an in-person signature before it can be released by UPS. Once that is accomplished, I can get back to my planned activities.

Being retired allows for a lot of flexibility in my schedule. If something comes up, I can adjust. No problem...just move things this way or that way...just like I did in the military. I always thought that was one of my best attributes...the ability to see the "big picture" and adjust to it accordingly. Some people I worked for and almost everyone who worked for me, thought I made snap decisions. They were snap decisions, but based on events. My mind could in milliseconds run through events, predict the outcome and based on that information, give me an answer almost before the questions was finished or the description of the event was finished.

I loved being able to do that and have the final decision be the right one 99 percent of the time. But these days, I don't need to be so decisive. My decisions have no where near as much responsibility riding on them. So I take my time, make my decisions slowly and it's the correct decision only 75 percent of the time.

Now, because of a decision several weeks ago not to print something I needed printed, I am sitting around waiting for another printer to arrive because of a decision to replace it and not diligently wait for the UPS guy or gal to arrive with it.

Older doesn't make you only makes you care less about your mundane mistakes than you would have cared 10 or 15 years earlier.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Finally! Something to Write About!

It sure has been a long time since I blogged anything here. I started one a while back but four or five words into it, I was no longer into it.

Weather here has been depressing for the most part and I haven't been able to get out to shoot images...and that really depresses me. The weather is improving and I will be heading out either today or tomorrow. But on the days I did get out recently, there wasn't much to shoot or what I shot didn't come out well.

However, a new addition to the household where I live and it has been keeping me a bit busy. A puppy (see photo) arrived around Christmas time and has made a home outside my door. Strange little critter she is...hehehe. She actually belongs to my landlord's grandson, but I have been training her...and have the bites and scratches and all to show for it.

She's a smart thing. Even at five months she knows when she can get away with something and when she can't. But she is learning fast. She knows when she hears my door click in the morning that I will be out shortly to fill her water bowl. She also knows when she hears my faucet run, that I'll be out soon to refill her water bowl. And, I have seen her tip her bowl over and spill the water, then sit looking in my kitchen window with this look of "come on out and fill it again."

But the best thing about her is she is quiet. She rarely barks and when she does, it's mostly when she is playing with one of her toys. I have been trying to get her to "tell" me when she needs to go outside to do her thing by barking or something. But all she'll do is tug at my pant leg. It gets my attention, so I guess it will do.

Anyway, that's what's been happening in my world...and it will improve. I can't wait for the hot, summer days to return. But to prime myself for them, I'll be heading to San Antonio in mid-April. Good time to be there...birds, butterflies, bugs...all sorts of things to shoot.

Can't wait. 8v)