Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ted Nugent Reads My Blog

Ted Nugent reads my blog...or so I would like to think.

Yesterday (Aug. 29), Nugent was on "The O'Reilly Factor" and was being interviewed by John Kasich regarding what he (Nugent) said at one of his concerts. Not to get off of the subject here, but I used to think Kasich had a level head on his shoulders. But after watching the replay of his guest host stint on O'Rielly's show, I would sooner listen to fingernails being scrapped along a blackboard than listen to him again. 'Nuff said on that...back to substance of this blog.

The program was being replayed on Fox News Channel at 1 a.m. when I, for whatever reason, I couldn't sleep and turned on the TV and the show was on. It's been a long time since I watched the "Factor," and decided I would read the runner at the bottom of the screen to see what was happening around the world, while I half-assed listened to what was going on in the program.

It wasn't long before the Nugent interview came up and I began paying a bit more attention to what was on the show. I like Ted Nugent. I have always liked his music, and his stand on a lot of things is very much in line with my stand. In every instance where I have seen him away from the Rock 'n' Roll world, he has impressed me with his thoughts and actions, which is something rare in the world of show business (not that my right-wing views mean anything to anyone).

Kasich began the "Unresolved Problem" segment with a clip from Nugent's recent concert in California. During the concert Nugent said some things about Obama and Clinton, the front running Democratic presidential candidates. When I heard what he said, I had to laugh and thought, "Right on, Ted."

After the clip, Kasich began the interview by asking Nugent, "Hey, Ted, why'd you do this?"

Nugent answered talking about it all being Rock 'n' Roll and fun and there is an intensity level at concerts. I have been to a number of rock concerts (not so many these days, but the 70s were full of concerts for me) and they are intense. Everyone just going with the flow and the flow is normally set by the performer on the stage. As Nugent continued his explanation, I began shaking my head in agreement.

Then he said something that caused me to sit up.

He said, "
You realize that when Mick Jagger rode a 40-foot inflated phallic symbol onto stage, he didn't explain anything to anyone."

Now this may have escaped a lot of people, but if you are a regular reader of my blog, you know I talked about a similar, and probably the actual, incident Nugent referred to in an earlier entry here.

As I said earlier, when Nugent mentioned that incident, I sat up in bed and smiled. I knew I had blogged that activity a month or so earlier. Prior to posting the blog entry, I searched the net for information regarding the Stones incident and couldn't find anything about it (I wanted the date of the concert for the blog). I figure the world of the rock star is a fairly close world. It's possible Nugent had heard about the incident from others in his world and always remembered it.

Or, Nugent could have been at the concert in San Antonio in the mid 70s. But I doubt that since he was performing 200 concert tours a year during that time. Maybe he was next in line to use that stadium and was there checking it out before hand, but I don't remember. I probably would have gone to that concert too, if he was performing soon after the Stones, but I don't remember going to a Nugent concert.

So, what's left? He read my blog titled "Cowtown memories" recently and that is why he mentioned it on the "Factor." And if that is how Ted Nugent heard about the incident...that's really cool...he reads my blog.

No matter how he heard about, Ted Nugent is still "the man!" He is a true American, not some pansy-assed, liberal idiot who thinks touchy-feely is the way to go. Kick ass, Ted! And rock on!

Oh...and if you also watched the show, what did you think of Remi Spencer? There is only word I can think of to refer to her...HOT!...even if she's a lawyer.

By the way, the entire interview with Nugent is

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