Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fantasy Football Time!

Tomorrow is draft day for the fantasy football league I joined a couple of seasons ago. It's something I enjoy doing, but not something that means that much to me.

It's like fantasy NASCAR racing. I belong to two leagues in that. In one league, I am either in last place or next to last. In the other, I am currently in first place. I really don't care where I am...I am having fun playing.

I know there are die-hards in all fantasy sports. I just ain't one of them. I'd rather do something I really enjoy, in place of watching a football game, and that includes the Superbowl.

So, tomorrow morning, 10 am PDT, I will be sitting in front of my computer drafting my 15-man team that I will use to play in my 12-team league of the TCBOO Fantasy Football League, instead of doing something else. But it will only last a couple of hours. Besides, the weather could cool off tomorrow by 15 degrees over what today should bring in the high desert of central Oregon.

I know several members of our league who probably got up this morning and began getting things ready for the draft. I did that a while ago. I pick seventh in the draft (last year I picked first and stupid me went with Larry Johnson instead of L.T.) and a week or so ago, listed what position I would be drafting in the various rounds of the draft. I also made a list of players I would like to get if they are available at the time their position comes up in my draft. I did that during last year's draft and ended up with a decent team. I did take my division title in only my second year of fantasy football. Whether that is good or ho-hum, I don't know, but at least I can say it...hehehe.

This morning I got up and instead of working on my draft plan, went out on photo safari at 7 am. I went to one of my favorite places to shoot and wasn't disappointed. I managed to get shots of one, maybe two new damselflies. I also photographed two new birds. And a photo of something I have wanted to get for a long time...a dragonfly in flight. It was a good morning.

It even started out good before I got to the lake to start shooting. I stopped by a store to get some water to drink and a snack and saw a friend of mine I hadn't talked to in a long time. When she worked at another place, I would stop in their for a bite to eat and if it was a slow time, she would come over and we would talk. I like talking with her, and really enjoy the sound of her voice. So, it was a real pleasure to start my safari today.

But it's all fun...fantasy sports...shooting photos...wandering around. It is what I like to do.

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