Saturday, January 13, 2007

Photos, Cameras, Blogs and Magnetic Reversals?

I opened one of those Myspace things late last year. In the two weeks I had it, only 15 people have visited it. In that same time, I have had about 100 pass through my Yahoo 360! page.

That tells me something. I got more action at 360! than I do at Myspace. So, I plan to dump my Myspace space. Why waste time working on something few people will see? I don't know how many folks read these ramblings of mine, but I do know a hell of a lot more people go to my 360! page than the other one. (Update - I have since given up totally on MySpace and even posted about it, and no longer use my Yahoo 360! page.)

I have a bunch more images to post in my photostream. I still have two dozen or so images to "work" for posting, so I think I will finish them, then post all my Canon images. Then it will be time for the Minolta Dimage 7i images and the Sony Mavica FD-91 images...maybe. I know they will look like crap next to 7i images and definitely the Canon Rebel shots, so I will have to either pull the greatest feat of image processing or not post the shots. Maybe I'll stick them in their own gallery. That way they won't be so easy to compare to the other shots.

Boy has it gotten cold here! The mercury has been hovering around 4 degrees since about 9 pm under clear skies. I'm just glad there isn't a meteor shower I want to watch tonight!

A friend of mine asked me about Global Warming the other night. I told her I didn't think of it as Global Warming, as much as I think of it as Climate Change. What's causing climate change? I'm not sure. It does appear humans have something to do with it, what with the destruction of the rain forests in South American and explosion in size of cities. And burning all the fuels you all burn moving around (yes...I said you all...I walk and ride my bicycle 99 percent of the time when I go somewhere) going places doesn't help. But I think there is more to it.

Every once in a while, I'll get this wave of dizziness flow over me. It will last less than a second most of the time, but it is something that doesn't just hit me. In most of the cases when it happens, I feel it on one side first when it begins, then another side when it ends. It's strange, but I think it is something to do with Mother Earth. Are we moving towards a reversal of the magnetic field of Earth? I don't know what it is, but I just get this feeling something is happening, or going to happen.

I am not one of those "The Earth will end tomorrow" guys...not at all. I just seem to have a sensitivity to things happening with this planet. There have been a number of things happen which I, in a way, knew were going to happen. I'll expand on that in future blogs. But for now, to steal a line from "A Knight's Tale," I'll spend time in silent contemplation trying to figure it out.

But the Myspace thing goes! 8v)

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