Saturday, January 6, 2007

Captions Complete

I have finally finished captioning all the images I had uploaded to my Flickr photostream. It was fun doing it, although it took me a while to complete it. Some of the critters I was trying to identify, took me several days to nail down what I believed them to be.

For the most part, I think I got most identifications correct. If I didn't, I am most likely in the ballpark. Some of the bugs I could only get as close as family, but if and when I got a more definitive ID, I'll post it.

I have also uploaded a couple of new images. From now on, as I upload, I caption and I will caption with the same format I have used for previous images. If you want to know what that format is, then go look at my photostream. 8v) I still have 50 or so images shot with my Canon to upload and caption...and of course, I'll be out and about in the future capturing more images to upload. However, when I finish with the current crop, I'll work on images captured with my previous gear. I am still debating about my Mavica FD91 images, since those shots were done with a low resolution camera, but I might be able to save something from some of them, and if I do...up it will go.

My Minolta images though, are pretty good and worthy of the world to see. But I don't have all that many shot with the 7i, that fall into the categories I use at Flickr. What that means is I expect I will be finished with all my past images soon after finishing all my Canon images.

I have decided to upgrade my Canon glass though. I'm still debating on which way I want to go, but I do have a direction I am more or less leaning towards. I won't say which lens it is, as I may end up going a different direction. But, rest assured, if you're interested, I will post info on it here when I get the lens and try it out.

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