Friday, May 18, 2007

What's Life with a Senior Moment or Two?

I was out shooting again yesterday. I think I'll try and do it every other day (weather permitting). Besides, it's good for my fat ass.

I got a few new species to add to my collection...a couple of new butterflies and a few fly type insects. Just before I headed off to my favorite shooting site, I noticed a couple of large bumble bees flirting around in my landlord's flower garden.

One of the two was a species I hadn't seen before, and the other I have only so-so images of that type. I was able to knock of a couple of dozen shots, some of them pretty good based on what I saw in the viewfinder. I generally don't chimp my shots to see what they look like, but I was shooting manual and guessing (from experience) what the shot settings should be. So, I looked at the last image and was happy to see it looked okay.

Feeling good about the exposure of the bee images, I headed off towards the Dry Canyon Trail. Just as I got to the top of the stairs leading down to the trail, I thought, "Did I reformat my CF card since my last photo shoot?"

I looked at the image count on the camera, saw it was about 20 images lower than full capacity, and in a total "senior-moment" reformatted the card to full capacity. I then continued on my merry way wandering the dry canyon area, looking to subjects to shoot.

As I said before, it was a good day...but I had realized at one point that I had forgotten to take along some of my glucose tablets (I am a diabetic) and the lack of sugar in my system was causing my legs to cramp up. So, I did the smart thing and headed home.

Once I got back to the house, and things got back to normal with my legs, I put the CF card in the computer, transfered the images to my computer and began looking at them. I was almost finished looking at the images when I remembered the bumble bee shots and went back to the beginning of the image list. When I saw my first shot was inside the dry canyon, I was confused, until remembered what happened at the top of the stairs at the canyon.

I think the dents on the tabletop of my computer desk still visible.

Now, I am waiting for FedEx to delivery my repaired lens to me. I sure do miss that lens. As I mentioned in a post a while back, it's the Canon EF 70-300 stabilized, which replaced the EF 75-300 stabilized which I used in the interim. The older lens is slower in focus and not as sharp, plus the stabilization in the new lens is slightly better. I'll be glad to get the lens back and on my camera.

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