Monday, February 19, 2007

What to say...what?

I was sitting at my computer desk working on some of my digital images when I got to thinking about this blog site I set up. I decided it is time I started putting something here for folks to read.

So, prepare to be astounded 8v) (<-- my own smiley since I wear glasses)

Yesterday was the first race of the NASCAR cup series. Like any race fan, I look forward to the Daytona 500. I also look forward to the first Formula One race, the first Indy Car race and the first Red Bull World Series of Air Racing competition. However, the Daytona 500 is the one which starts a good season of sporting events I enjoy.

The Daytona this year, was a bit boring. I watched the first 20 laps and realized the car changes mandated by NASCAR appeared to affect one of the greatest races of the year. I found myself wondering, "What happened to three-wide racing?" It seemed drivers were stringing out single file, just going along for the ride. But then, in the last 30 laps or so, things started to look more like Daytona.

Now, I also operate two NASCAR fantasy teams. Last year was the first year I did fantasy racing. It was fun, even though I ended up on the tail-end of the standings in both. So this year, I hope to do better. In one league, I participated in an auction for drivers. You get 100 points and bid on a four-driver team. My team this year is Kasey Kahne, Kevin Harvick, Kurt Busch and Reed Sorenson.

As the race progressed, I watched Busch crash out, Kahne fall back and Harvick slowly make his way to the front. With two laps to go in the race, I looked at my first fantasy race of the season and saw that not only was I losing my head-to-head matchup, but I also had the lowest point total of all six teams.

Then there was the final turn of the final lap. Mark Martin and Harvick were side-by-side, drag racing for the win. I could almost see a big grin on the face of both drivers as they glanced towards each other. And then it happened...the Daytona big one. Less than a 1,000 feet to finish line, cars start slamming into each other, one slides toward the finish on its top, some are out in the grass, some along the wall, smoke is everywhere and there, heading to the win are the two leaders.

Harvick won the race, by one of the closest margins in decades. And then, with all the crashing behind them, I looked at my standings. I suddenly went from last to first! I won my H2H and scored the highest point total of all drivers. I am on top in one league. In my other league, I picked five drivers using the same 100 point maximum. Three of them crashed out long before the final lap. In that league, I ended up second to last. But I don't care, it was still fun...and will continue to be fun.

And now, I am even considering joining an Indy car league if I can find one I like. If I do, it will probably be the only way I could ever say, "I had Sarah Fisher."

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